Speedy Irishman

The latest creation is a 964 Carrera 2 in Irish-green (color code 213). The body was widened by about 25 mm each side – compared to the Carrera – and formed an energetic-beefy body design. The body kit was made of carbon/Kevlar reinforced plastic and carries the internal name “964 Classic Carrera Widebody”.

Of course, the vehicle’s suspension also had its fair share. The KW-Clubsport struts with Unibal bearings, as well as the PU sockets on the front axle guides and the Unibal bearings on the rear axle contribute to the sporty set-up. Forged Fuchs rims (Fuchsfelge®) in 8×17 with Michelin Pilot Sport in 225/45-17 at the front axle and in 9×17 with 255/ 40-17 at the rear axle “work” in the wheel arches. The 3.8-liter boxer provides 325 hp, accompanied by a G50 5-speed transmission with RS differential lock.

Also the interior decoration was redesigned down to the last detail with great effort. In addition to the Recaro sports seats with brown Porsche leather and Pepita, the complete carpet in beige bouclé and a Prototipo steering wheel by Momo can be admired. The dashboard, the center tunnel and various other details are covered with Alcantara. The gearshift knob consists of multilayer bonded wood and a Porsche Classic navigation radio with USB and Bluetooth indicates the direction. The price for the fast irishman amounts to 215.000, – Euro including the value of the base vehicle.




964 Classic S

Starting with a regular Porsche 964, equipped with an anti-lock braking system, a power brake unit, power assisted steering, precise gearshift, modern chassis, sliding sun roof and even A/C for hotter days, the dp 964 Classic S was created. The already existing advantages in the car body are enhanced by a high class and aerodynamically elaborate fibre-glass-kit as well as all adapters and lighting which make the Porsche 964 appear to be made from one piece. The paint in classic lime green is elegantly contrasted by the bonnet in matte black and the white dots for the participant’s race number on the front and each side of the car. The matte black engine covering and sponsor stickers give it the final touch.

The featured power units vary from 290 hp (= 213 kW) generated from 3.6 liters of engine displacement up to 320 hp (= 236 kW) out of a 3.8 liter engine displacement. Additionally, a 9-fold adjustable coilover, made by Bilstein, is implemented, also available with unibal bearing if desired. Concerning the wheel-tire combination the modern, lightweight and forged Fuchs rims, size 7×17 ET55 were used, while tires will be 205/50 ZR17 (front axle) or 255/50 ZR 17 (drive axle) respectively.

Once you sit down in the classic sports seats, fasten the 4-point safety belt and look through the Momo sport type steering wheel you cannot help but notice the rev-counter that leaps into vision. Just like the roll bar, the rev-counter is also highlighted in the same color as the car. Speaking of colors: apart from the classic paint in lime green, variations such as light yellow, blood orange or (sport) classic gray are also offered.

In addition to newly built and completely revised cars, customized individual offers from Classic S, RS to Classic RSR for self-assembly are offered too.


964 Classic RS

The Classic RS kit is presented on a 964 that was first authorised in 1993. It comes in classic sports grey with discreet detailing in Indian Red and a slightly increased performance (from serial 250hp to 280hp). Compared to the original 1973 specifications it offers upgraded modern suspension, modern driving aids such as ABS, power brakes, power steering, a catalytic converter, smooth running and precise gearshift, improved power and last but not least air conditioning. All of which means that it is no longer an impossible dream to drive a Classic 911 with all the comfort and efficiency of a modern 964.

The conversion kit is offered at prices starting from EUR 6.828,00 (inc. VAT). The kit includes the front hood and bumper, fenders and side sills, rear bumper and spoiler, lens cover for indicator and grill, all necessary adapters and brackets, as well as the polished stainless steel tailpipe of the exhaust system. A special “Wide Conversion” to the 2.8 RSR is offered too.

Contemporary Fuchs wheels (7×17 ET55 on the front axle and 9×17 ET55 on the rear axle) are vailable at the price of EUR 2.236,00 (inc. VAT); a performance increase of 22kW (30hp), including a 100 cell catalytic converter, K&N Air filter and test bench balancing for EUR 2.618,00 (inc. VAT). Prices for modifications and improvements to the interior are available upon request. Changes to the paintwork after remodelling are offered as well as the acquisition of a basic car.