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The history of dp motorsport

The success of dp motorsport, founded 1973, started with a special commitment. In cooperation with Motul, the founder Ekkehard Zimmermann designed and built chassis for nearly 30 Formula-V and Super-V racecars. With their special elegance these racecars stood out from their opponents.

During this time E. Zimmermann laid down his hands for the first time on spoiler modifications of a Porsche 911. The results aroused massive interest of the Kremer Brothers who ran a Porsche workshop in Cologne and have been highly committed to motorsport. 1975 dp motorsport developed a whole new chassis based on a Porsche 911 for Kremer Racing. These 911 dp models played a massive role on german racetracks and won several championships.

In 1979 a Kremer-dp-conversion of the Porsche 935, the “K3” (with Klaus Ludwig as one of its pilots) even succeeded in winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans. And they did not stop at leading european championships, they also participated with similar success in the US IMSA series. And when the C series has been created, dp motorsports “CK5” for the Kremer Brothers and several other C types for Joest-Racing were leading again.

Based on his creations, Ekkehard Zimmermann developed a comprehensive becoming spectrum of modifications to road models. On a finished 935 modification the only original Porsche part left was the roof. As soon as these cars became more and more popular, the 935-I as well as its successor the 935-II were highly demanded worldwide.

One of his design highlights arised in the 80´s. The dp44 Cargo built on a Porsche 944 was named “the world´s most beautiful estate”. Beside the bodyworks there is an example for technical perfection too. A 650 hp 962-racecar was modificated with enormous effort to be street legal for german roads.

Not long ago, 2003 to be precise, Zimmermanns next sensation came out to dominate a very special racetrack. The 996 dp5, built for Uwe and Jürgen Alzen mastered no less than the Nürburgring Nordschleife with an absolute best time on its debut drive. This car as well as the 2005 built dp Gallardo were well known in german and international championships.

After decades of knowledge dp motorsport became an absolute master in building up unique Porsches. Especially backdating 964s to look like the 70´s F-model became very popular. Just like every other modification, dp motorsport leaves nothing to be desired in relation to interior, exterior or power unit.