911 Sleeper 3.2

A significant proportion of weight was removed from the car when compared to the stock model. A radical 280 kg were shaved off to end up at 905 kg (1995 lb). The body was completely stripped and every bit of paint and undercoating has been removed. Then it was build up again, using only extra light body parts and components. The windows for example, are made of hardened perspex. Hinges and brackets were perforated and galvanized. The perfected 911 body was finally lacquered in metallic rock-green (color code 699). The extreme loss of weight improves three things simultaneously: acceleration, braking effect and side dynamics.

The engine has a displacement of 3.200 cm³ (195,276 cubic inch) with 288-degree Schrick camsshaft and ported and flowed cylinder heads. The throttle valve was enlarged up to 67 mm and further on you will find a lightened flywheel, two 100 cell catalytic converters from HJS as well as an RSR racing exhaust system made of titanium. Performance output after these modifications comes to 270 hp (= 199 kW) and 307 Nm (226,4 ft lb) of maximum torque. The 5-speed 915 gearbox is equipped with a limited slip differential, an external cooler, and of course a short shift mechanism with extended shift lever.

In terms of chassis, street/sport Bilstein-shock absorbers can be found, which are combined with Super Pro polyurethane bushings and Unibal tie rod bearings. A welded-in strut bar gives that extra bit stiffness up front and 7 x 16 and 9 x 16 Fuchs rims are fitted with Michelin semi slicks in 225/50 and 245/45 to provide a proper connection between the car and the road surface. One of the 3.2’s younger brothers, namely a 964 C2, donated the braking system to take care of the negative acceleration.

In the interior of this so called Sleeper you will discover dp935 lollipop-seats with Willans 4-point harnesses, a dp motorsport Club Sport roll bar, a 350mm sport steering wheel and RS-lightweight carpet. The car is also equipped with an electrically heated windscreen, a lightweight 25Ah gel battery and last but not least a special manufactured racing cable harness.

„Lightweight, for an absolute driving experience“ is one of dp motorsport’s beloved quotes. Therefore the Sleeper has no power steering, no ABS and also no ESP. The avoidance of electronic driving aids requires distinctive skills in controlling the vehicle on one hand, but on the other it also allows for an unlimited driving pleasure. All parts installed on the Sleeper are also available separately.