911 & 964 Classic Models

The good old days, nostalgia, success in 1970s motorsport or the epitome of a sports car. Whatever you think about the 911 master form, it is always associated with emotions. Can you imagine how awesome it would be, to rebuild a legend according to your wishes?

We customize cars since 1973!

Based on a G-Model or a 964 we backdate as detailed as possible to the look and feel of the first 911 generation. With entirly renewed, improved and maintainable technique as well as individualized exterior and interior true to the original, almost nothing is left to be desired.

-Base vehicle 964

Advantages: ABS, power steering, brake booster, air conditioning, larger engines in conjunction with well-engineered gearboxes, improved chassis geometry & -technology and better aerodynamics thanks to a lower underbody.

Disadvantages: The lower underbody has to be hidden with slightly lower front bumpers, side skirts and rear bumpers in order to let the overall appearance look like it was made of one piece. Furthermore the genuine interior was updated as time went by, so it also differs slightly from the 911 master pattern.

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-Base vehicle G-Model

Advantage: Interior and exterior are entirely authentic convertable to the first 911 series look.

Disadvantages: Performance increases above 280 hp are more expensive in gaining and subsequent maintenance and missing technical safety systems regarding to driveability (also an advantage for aficionados of puristic driving behaviour).

Click the following for our G-Model Body Kits. Prices for Classic Backdates* are similar to the 964 models.

-Base vehicle F-Model

Advantages and Disadvantages are equivalent to the G-Model.

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*Our prices for Classic Backdates do not include the price of a base vehicle. As a matter of course, we can purchase one or convert a car which you purchased.