911 3.0 RSR

50,19 1.280,00  VAT included

Select options835,00 1.085,00  VAT included
50,19  VAT included
Select options280,00 362,00  VAT included
Select options280,00 362,00  VAT included
Read more392,70 917,49  VAT included
Read more392,70 917,49  VAT included
Select options790,00 1.030,00  VAT included
Select options190,00 1.650,00  VAT included
Select options290,00  VAT included
190,00  VAT included


The body kit includes all needed parts to convert a 911 G-Model into a 3.0 RSR

Every part has to be selected once, if you don´t already have at least one of the listed.

For material variable parts, the option has to be chosen.


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